Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Blew In!

Hello Spring! The weather has already warmed up and we are excited to get March on the way! There are some changes this month, as we announced previously our building location has changed, as well as the night we will be meeting! We are meeting on Thursdays from now on.
Don't forget we have also been signed up for Scout track!!!

March 1
All Dens will be meeting together to tour a police car!
If your son is a Bear it falls under the requirement to speak with a police officer.
We want to thank the officer who came to speak with us, the boys had a great time.

March 10
*New Location**
Wolves: Finish the tools requirement-build birdhouses
Bears: "Jot it Down, #18 in the book
Webelos: Meeting at the Littles to work on the outdoors badge
Round Table at Grace Crossing Church
This is a great meeting for leaders!
March 14-18

March 17
Don't forget to wear green!
Wolves and Bears combined activity-Language and Culture Belt Loop
Webelos: Forestry Badge

March 24
Pack Meeting at the Brandeski's!
Additional information and address will be emailed
March 31
The Stake is using the building, and it's also the 5th Thursday of the month!

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